Sabine grating the mozzarella for Seadas Sabine Ledda herself hard at work

Part of my volunteer work with the Sardinian Cultural Association involves promoting Sardinian and Italian culture to the broader communities. Our cooking class series held at Enoteca Sileno with home cooks in the community have been a great success. As we continue our classes the recipes will all form part of a cook book to honour these culinary traditions and keep them alive. This is one of our favourites and it is shared by one of the most well known cooks in the Melbourne Sardinian community, Sabine Ledda. Throughout her life she has had much practice, a former cook for an Italian princess, Italian consuls, and within her own hospitality businesses. If you are ever lucky enough to sample Sabine’s cooking you will never forget it. This recipe, Seadas are a personal favourite of mine – is essentially a large sweet fritter filled with cheese, drizzled with honey and fragranced with lemon rind. A very special dessert dish.

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1lt Bottle EVOO

Mozzarella Montefiore – 50 gms p/person (needs to be refrigerated for three weeks) you can also use fresh ricotta as a substitute

1KG ’00’ plain flour


2 lemons

1 lemon

Ghee (cooking oil) – use butter, olive oil or lard as a substitute.

Optional: You can also add sultanas with the mozzarella, as well as saffron to this mixture or with the orange zest for the pastry.

Kitchen Tools: Pastry cutter, pasta machine, grater, deep frying pan, tray, kitchen paper towel, rubber ended tongs (if you use stainless steel it will pierce the Seadas).




Add flour to flat preparation surface and add 1 cup of tepid water, add a pinch of salt, grated rind of one lemon, ghee, 3 tablespoons of EVOO, knead and put through pasta machine.


Work on machine for 10 minutes until the dough becomes filo pastry thin.



Sabine hard at work grating mozzarella Sabine grating the mozzarella and lemons for the Seadas filling


Grate the mozzarella and remaining lemon rind on the large side of grate and put small portions of this mixture on the pastry. Now add a layer of the pastry to cover the mozzarella.

 Seadas making filling The Seadas working station

Cut around the pastry – aim for extra large ravioli size circles and press the edges down to close the casing – see above.


Seadas reflective shot Sabine deep frying the Seadas

Now add oil to the deep frying pan and begin to fry the Seadas. Once golden remove, and rest on tray with paper towel to soak up the oil.
Prepare serving plates and platters and drizzle the hot Seade with honey, and eat straight away. Enjoy!



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