Royal Melb show cake hall rooster cake

This year it seems the Royal Melbourne Show really took things up a notch. Don’t get me wrong, the Show has always been a big fixture on the Melbourne events calendar but this year I noticed more people going than ever before. Our contributor Alisia Romanin was there last weekend in the middle of all the action, and I quote “feeling like a kid again” as she toured all the foodie highlights. See the visual feast that was her adventure, in her images below.

JC x


The Masterchef Larder


Royal Melbourne Show Masterchef pantry

Royal Melbourne Show Maserchef Salumi

Royal Melb Show Masterchef kicthen utensils

Royal Melbourne Show Masterchef Kitchen plant wall

Royal Melbourne show bottles


Royal Melb show Masterchef kitchen

The Woolworths Fresh Food Pavillion


Royal Melb Show sausages


Royal Melb Show caramel


Royal Melb Show Satay

Royal Melb Show edible garden
Royal Melb Show Goods Fridge

Royal Melb show conserves

Royal Melb Show Paella

Royal Melb Show dim sum


The Art, Craft and Cookery Pavillion

Royal Melb show cake hall rooster cake


Royal Melb Show Cake Hall toy cakes

Royal Melb Show Cake Hall pretty

Royal Melb Show Cake Hall up close


Royal Melb Show cake hall themed cakes



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