Phuket Old Town Guyan poster copy

A Stroll Through Phuket Old Town

Discover the unique charm and character of Phuket’s historical centre.


Mention Phuket, and images of white sand, rows of palm trees and stunning beaches come to mind. Beyond these memorable attractions, it is easy to forget that Phuket has an interesting history, one that will easily be top of mind when you set foot in Phuket’s Old Town.

Phuket had a thriving tin mining and rubber industry for hundreds of years and the island was a popular trading port for French, Portuguese, Dutch and English traders. Perfectly preserved, Phuket Old Town is a legacy of this bygone era and remains its true historical centre.


Phuket Old Town yellow and brown copyA beautiful shop front in Phuket’s Old Town


The most striking thing about Phuket’s Old Town is its architecture. It has been coined Sino-Portuguese, as well as  Sino-Colonial or British Colonial – a direct influence from Phuket’s strong ties with Penang at the time (tin ore was taken to Penang to be smelted rather than being transported to Bangkok).

Today Phuket Old Town is a cultural melting pot, thriving with shops, boutiques (a fantastic spot to purchase souvenirs), cafe’s and restaurants. If you are visiting Phuket, I highly recommend at least a day or half a day at minimum strolling through Phuket Old Town and seeing how the past and present have melded so beautifully together.

The below images were taken along Thalang Road and Soi Romanee.


Phuket Old Town pink and gold corner portrait copyThe corner of Thalong Road and Soi Romanee


Phuket Old Town bare colourBeautiful layers of colour


Phuket Old Town man looking onA stall holder at Thalong Road looking out at the crowds for the Phuket Walking Street Weekend Market


Phuket Old Town orange and pink copyColours and tiles – beautiful combinations along Soi Romanee (allegedly the ex-redlight district during the tin mining days)


Phuket Old Town yellow copyMellow yellow


Phuket Old Town baby dollsYoung girls getting ready to take the Walking Street Weekend Market stage


Phuket Old Town blue 2 copyColour co-ordination on Thalong Road


Phuket Old Town blue houses copySo many intricate and beautiful details



Phuket Old Town green and red copyColour blocking


Phuket Old Town Mangosteens copyIn season – local mangosteen and durian (the blue vein cheese of fruit) being sold at the Weekend Walking Street Market



Phuket Old Town pink only copyOne of my favourite buildings on Soi Romanee


Phuket Old Town security copyA cheerful security guard posing



Phuket Old Town shrine copyOfferings



Phuket Old Town tiles 1 copyYou have to look up as well as down in Phuket Old Town


Phuket Old Town tiles and flowers copyExquisite details everywhere


Phuket Old Town white gold green copyAll the trimmings