Jimmys Burgers the guy

We chat to Melbourne’s real burger King, James Hurlston (a.k.a Jimmy’s Burgers) about his adventures, top 5 burgers and whether he really eats one burger (or more) a day! He also makes his own burgers and has kindly shared some images of his creations with us, below.


1. How long have burgers been in your life and when/how did the Jimmy’s Burger’s concept start?

I have always loved burgers, ever since I was a little kid. I worked at McDonald’s from 15 for a few years and that just cemented burgers in my life. Over Christmas 2009-10 I was in the US and over a 16 day trip I tried 64 burgers and started drafting blog entries for them with a plan to start a blog when I got back to Melbourne. Upon my return I was made aware of another blog The Burger Adventure. Obviously I was disappointed (love their blog), a little bit lost, I went back to work in law. I still enjoyed a daily burger but put it on the backburner for a while.

In about July 2012 I started wondering how I could really ramp up the idea. In August I started my Instagram and began talks with Smudge Publishing about penning a book. Since then it has grown to be something a lot bigger than I first expected.

Jimmys Burgers onion ring burger(Burger with bacon, cheese and onion – made by Jimmy)

2.  How many burgers do you eat a day, week and month? 

From the middle of August 2012 when I started my Instagram until the same date 2013 I ate 804 burgers. So that is a touch over 2 a day.

The “most burgers in one sitting” is a little tough as obviously some are bigger than others. I am also not a fan of burger challenges; I just like good burgers. I have eaten 10 McDonalds cheeseburgers (the number that used to be cooked at one time), but that is far from an eating challenge.

Jimmys Burgers on a silver tray(Another burger creation made by Jimmy)

3. What is the longest you’ve travelled to eat a burger and where was it?

I have eaten burgers all over the world. I would travel anywhere to eat them! One of my favourite take away burgers is Max in Sweden. It has been part of Sweden’s fast food landscape since 1968. Another of my favourite take away burgers is In-n-Out Burger which started in Southern California in 1948.

Jimmys Burgers Krispy Kreme burger(Another Jimmy’s Burger, this time with Krispy Kreme ‘buns’)

4. Given your expertise, which are the top 5 burger experiences in Melbourne?

Given the subjective nature of burgers, I tend to avoid a “Top #” so to speak. We are very blessed with so many good burgers in Melbourne and everyone has their favourite for whatever reason it is. The other thing I will say is that the type of burger you eat and enjoy depends on your mood. On a Sunday lunchtime when you are hung over, you do not want to go to a high class restaurant and eat a seriously gourmet burger, something dirty and greasy from the fish and chip shop will do just nicely!

Jimmys Burgers Pancake Maple Syrup Burger(Jimmy’s pancake and maple syrup burger)

5. What do you say to people who enquire about your heart health?

The old… “if I had a dollar” question. I get asked regularly, “why are you not the size of a house?” or “How is your cholesterol?”, I think I am just blessed with a fast metabolism and a love for burgers. I would almost go as far as to say that I was born to do this.

Jimmys Burgers cheesy burger(The triple cheese, double decker burger – also home made by Jimmy)

6. What are your future plans for Jimmy’s Burgers?

I have many grand plans for Jimmy’s Burgers, I have some merchandise coming out very shortly, keep an eye on social media for that drop. I have a few other grand plans that will see Jimmy’s Burgers go global but for now, I will just concentrate on Melbourne and developing a strong following and interest in burgers. I have been very lucky already by having so many people that are genuinely interested in what I am doing, so I will just continue building on that great following. In short, buy some t-shirts and become part of the Burger Army!


Twitter: @JimmysBurgers

Facebook: facebook.com/jimmysburgers

Instagram: @jimmys_burgers