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Just like our Link Love series, Insta Inspo is the same concept but on Instagram; a round up of people we are following whose photos we look forward to seeing in our feed.

This instalment is all about Insta accounts that inspire Wanderlust, or the desire to travel. Is there someone we’ve missed or who you’d like to see in future instalments? Email us at: For all of our Instagram adventures you can follow us here: @decisivecravings.

JC x



Insta Inspo Wanderlust - The Cool Hunter(The Cool Hunter Instagram feed)

The Cool Hunter

From the website that brings the same constant inspiration, the Cool Hunter’s Instagram pumps life awe into your feed. Expect to see truly stunning pictures from all over the world, from the skies right to the sea’s depths.



Insta Inspo - Gary Pepper Girl(The Gary Pepper Girl Instagram feed)

Gary Pepper Girl

As a result of being fashion blogger royalty, Nicole Warne’s success sees her working and attending events across the globe. The images on her feed are more than just ‘look at my outfit today’, to me she is incredibly artistic and seeks to create magic and tell a story. She has transcended the confines of fashion and takes her followers to far away places, beckoning them to uncover the world with her.



Insta Inspo - the Drifter Blog(The Drifter Blog Instagram feed)

The Drifter Blog

Countless images by photographer Ming Nomchong capturing surf and surfers, a little bit of fashion and lifestyle, general outdoor fun and sunny destinations.



Insta Inspo - nature
(The Nature Instagram Feed)


This account curates a round up of nature images from all over Instagram. Some images seem a little over edited on Photoshop but generally they are really captivating – incredible places, sunsets, sunrises, animals in the wild, as well as natural phenomenon’s.



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