Ginger, peppermint and rosemary iced tea recipeGinger, Rosemary and Mint Iced Tea

Makes 1 x 750ml bottle


This is a super easy recipe you can make at home, using ingredients that are readily available. Do a few bottles at once, keep them in the fridge and have your Iced Tea ready to go when friends come round or if you just need something cold and refreshing (and non-alcoholic) to drink on a balmy summer night.


125ml CAPI Ginger beer

2-3 short cuts of Rosemary

625ml of brewed Mint tea



Brew the Mint Tea and allow it to cool.


Pour the Ginger beer into a water jug or glass bottle.


Once the Mint Tea has cooled down pour it into the jug/bottle.


Mix the tea together (if you are using a bottle, put the cap back on and roll the bottle around for a few seconds); then add the sprigs of rosemary and pop the bottle in the fridge. It will be ready to serve within an hour!


Notes:  Once you start making iced tea, you realize how easy it is to experiment with flavour combinations and get really creative. From fruits, to  different tea flavours, herbs and even spices the variants are endless. This particular tea is great served with some rosemary sprigs or fresh mint leaves in the glass.


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