Food Gifts for Aussie Expats cover


In 2014 I became an expat. A visit from friends who came bearing the following bounty, made me even more aware of my nationality: Tim Tam Dark Chocolate Chocolicious Bites, Caramello Koalas and BBQ shapes. Their thoughtful gift got me thinking about all the other Australian expats scattered around the world craving their favourite Aussie treats. Below I’ve compiled a visual list of what seem to be some of the most popular food gifts for Aussie expats – both gifted, and requested. What are yours?


Food Gifts for Aussie Expats BBQ Shapes Arnott’s Shapes


Food Gifts for Aussie Expats Cadbury Furry Friends Cadbury Furry Friends


Food Gifts for Aussie Expats Caramello Koalas Caramello Koala’s


Food Gifts for Aussie Expats Milo Milo

Food Gifts for Aussie Expats Tim Tams Tim Tam’s


 Food Gifts for Aussie Expats Vegemite



Random Fact: According to Arnott’s 1 in every 2 households contains a packet of Tim Tams, and roughly 35 million packs are sold each year (nearly 400 million biscuits).

There are even dedicated websites selling these goods from the Mother country all over the place: Aussie Products, Simply Oz and newbie: Down Under Box. Which websites do you use?

Have you ever put the request out for an Aussie food care pack and which products do you miss? My ‘miss list’ is ever growing but it always includes: Vegemite, Australian honey (generally from Victoria), smoked salt from Gewürzhaus and my favourite muesli topper, Loving Earth’s Buckini’s. I also miss good baking flours and chocolate but have found some ok alternatives for now.

JC x