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Father’s Day is looming (Sunday September 7). If you haven’t even had a moment to think about it yet or just have no idea what to get the man that seems to always have everything, here are some of my top gift suggestions.

1.Billy Law’s newest cookbook Man Food: Good Food for a Good Time‘; is all about comfort food that’s big on flavour and not too hard to make. Think mac’n’cheese, wagyu burgers, sticky ribs and pretzel salted ice cream (which I am personally dying to try). $39.95 at all book stores.

2. Chocolate has to be included somehow even if you slip it under the ribbon tie. I love Monsieur Truffe, and Loving Earth but it would probably be best to go with whatever your Dad loves.

3. Canvas Wine Tote – if your Dad is into wine and spends a lot of time lugging bottles to various dinners at least let him do it in style! Tip: It might be an idea to gift it to him with his favourite wine in it! $60 from Safari Living

4. Wood Fire Oven course – who doesn’t want a wood fire oven at home? This option could be a win-win for your whole family! $165 for full day course through the CAE.

5. Gourmet Traveller Wine subscription – the best thing about a magazine subscription is that it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving. It may also be something your Dad wouldn’t normally spend the money on so it’s a nice treat for him to look forward to every month. $53.70 for six months or $107.40 for one year via Magshop.


If you are on a budget, bake him a cake or make him a hamper! I made my Dad one last year and I honestly was surprised at how much he liked it, like more than anything I have ever bought him and it cost me significantly less than previous presents. Just go to your local $2 shop and buy a basket, some cellophane and ribbon to wrap the hamper in. Then the fun part, go to a deli, market or food store like Thomas Dux and purchase a handful of your Dad’s favourite products, or ones that you know he will love. Try and vary the shapes and sizes to fill the hamper adequately. Some examples: chocolate, men’s health food mixes (like Kapai Puku), wine, a magazine like GQ, Capi Ginger Beer, coffee beans, the Fin Review, espresso cups, smoked meat and cheeses, etc. This is what mine looked like.


Fathers Day hamper


If you’re not having a do for your Dad at home, here are some places that should fit the bill for a Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

Ribs and Burgers

The Merrywell

Minh Tan 2

The Last Jar

Jinda Thai




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