Coconut Recipes

Coconuts, coconuts, coconuts. Coconuts have long been an un-coincidental theme in both my diet and my recipes for many years. In fact the majority of the sweets I bake seem to almost always contain coconut. If you’re a coco-phile too, I’ve rounded up all the recipes on DC that feature coconuts. Stay tuned for more coconut recipes on the site (no doubt), including some recipes that include fresh coconut!

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Coconut Banana Bread landscapeNEW! Coconut Banana Bread


Strawberry Coconut Pancakes landscapeNEW! Strawberry Coconut Pancakes


chocolate-coconut-cake-with-hands-portrait-straightChocolate Coconut Cake


Chocolate and Beetroot CakeChocolate Beetroot Cake with Coconut


coconut and raspberry sliceCoconut and Raspberry cake


Coconut and Raspberry finished cakes on plateCoconut and Raspberry Mini Cakes


Raw date and coconut truffles close with blur finalCocoa Date and Coconut Balls


Coconut Porridge recipe with bananasCreamy Porridge with Banana and Dates


Choc Tahini & Coconut Slice CHHChocolate, Tahini and Coconut Slice


Thai BBQ Pork recipe skewers with sauce drizzleThai BBQ Pork


Easter Eggs Recipe coated threeEaster Eggs


Decisive Cravings Rumballs (Yum Balls) recipeRum Balls (Yum Balls)


Muesli Bars portrait 2Muesli Bars