Boomf shake straw(Image by @abbietastic via Instagram)


You know how there are some people that are really hard to give gifts to because they ‘have everything’? I’m pretty sure I’ve found something they won’t have…Boomf. This is not a figure of speech but the name of a company that prints photos from your phone, computer, Facebook and Instagram onto marshmallows. This U.K based start-up is also partly owned by the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton – yes random!


 Boomf triple layer cake(Image by @mollyyeh via Instagram)


Placing an order is super easy – you login, select your photos, pay and then wait for your order to arrive. If you’re in the UK it’s a few days, if you’re outside of the U.K it’s 1-3 weeks.


Boomf dog(Image by @bossthefrenchbulldog via Instagram)


Thanks to the guys at Boomf I ordered mine and when they were delivered it was the strangest feeling seeing my photos on a marshmallow (see below). In fact, they look so nice that I still haven’t brought myself to actually eat them…yet!


Boomf my mallows final


I love the idea of Boomf as a gift because it is unique, a novelty and completely personalised. A great one for kid’s birthdays,  party favours, farewell gifts or just as a random way to surprise someone. In fact, any gift that’s edible or reminds you of your 90’s childhood consuming edible Minnie Mouse stickers on cupcakes – has to be awesome.

JC x



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