Biscotti with Stories


Biscotti with Stories is a unique community cultural development project where you are invited to tell your story while baking your own biscotti!

During the project which will be held on October 12, participants will have the opportunity to bake their own biscuit recipes in front of an audience and, at the same time, present a story related to their own family history. The aim is to collect stories from elderly Italians who settled in Australia after the war, from their children or their grandchildren.  The final outcomes will be shared with all members of the broader community through a public event specifically organised to present the recipes, traditions and stories. The project also aims to fight social isolation and to connect people through different ways of socialising in the kitchen.

Invitations to participate in Biscotti with Stories is extended to Italian community members who can present their recipes and story-telling in Italian or in English. There will also be a surprise guest chef present on the day sharing his baking tips!

For more information, email:, or visit the Whittlesea website for full event information.

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