We’re the first to admit it, we spend much more time on our iPhones than we would like and don’t even get us started on the latest Apple iOS7 update. Thing is first it was Facebook and Twitter that took up all of our time reading people’s newsfeed’s and then the ‘real’ news; but now it’s making cute photos and putting filters on them, looking at other people’s cute filtered photos, reading what people are saying about the service at this restaurant and that one, and so on and so forth.

Today we’d like to share some of the apps that have distracted us in the middle of movies and dare we say it – even conversations; apps that are handy, inspiring and plain helpful. If there are any you love that you would like to share, send us an email and in time we will update our growing list. In the meantime enjoy and mind the asterisked ones, they are the addictive kind.

Vic Wineries Guide app

VicWineries – an indispensable app for people looking for a day or weekend winery trip. This simple guide itemises all of Victoria’s wine regions and provides a list of wineries in those areas from A-Z. An added feature is the ‘While You’re Here’ tab which points out other fun things to do in the vicinity. (Free)


Goop* – one of our favourite Blogs, Goop – have released their own City guides. We have personally used them on several trips to direct us to the best eateries, bars, shops and cultural experiences (New York, LA and London). Glamourous but still underground guides that are simply and gorgeous to look at. ($4.49)

mymarkets guide app

myMarketsVic – the quickest way to locate which craft or farmers markets are on near you by the day. There is a voting element, which helps you discern the most popular markets in realtime. (Free)

Bupa FoodSwitch_AppFoodSwitch – from general healthier choices to gluten free products, and foods for people treated with high blood pressure, FoodSwitch by Bupa helps you make sensible shopping decisions when it’s most important…in the supermarket. Using green (low), amber (medium) and red (high) you can scan products straight from the shelves to uncover the nutritional value of what you’re buying. This will definitely change the way you shop and also the way you eat. (Free)

SeafoodGuide_app final

Sustainable Seafood Guide  – an invaluable guide for those that are sustainably minded or would like to be (we all should be!). From canned tuna to over 100 seafood species found at fishmongers and supermarkets learn to make educated and responsible choices about the fish you buy and eat. A gamechanger that will contribute to the way Australia’s fisheries are managed. (Free)


Instagram* – if we knew how many times we opened this app a day we would be embarrassed. This is a one-stop shop for creating and viewing images (your own and those of others) that will make you smile, laugh, nostalgic, inspired, hungry and motivated. Hashtag your day’s away people! (Free)


Here are some others that we love and are particularly handy:

Urban Spoon – despite some of the reviews which may or may not be written by restaurants or restaurant’s competitors, percentages generally indicate whether a place is hot or not. (Free)

ABC Vegie Guide – for green thumbs this is a gorgeous guide to planting from root to stem, grass to garden bed. (Free)

Harvest: Select the Best Produce – literally learn to compare apples with apples. Find out what to look for in a good fruit or vegetable, how to store your produce and check its levels of pesticides. ($1.99)

Followers+ – this is a sneaky little app for inquisitive stats and social media lovers. Analyse your follows and unfollows on Instagram, see who you’re following and who’s not following you back, your average likes per photo and more. (Free)

SuperFood HD – we are all crazy about superfoods and this app hubs them all. Get comprehensive information on a range of superfoods and how to use them with a range of super recipes. ($0.99)

Blood Type Diet – from the famous book comes the matching app. Simply select foods listed to suit your blood type to create tailored shopping lists and recipes. ($4.49)